What’s a Taterdoodle?


Just a happy collision of your favorite things. Fresh-baked cookies, meet crispy, snappy chips. Two of life’s tastiest pleasures smooshed into one.


Anyone can crumble potato chips into cookie dough and call it a day. The ‘doodle difference? Caramelize the chips in butter, brown sugar and secret spices. Add them to our unique recipes and you can’t stop the magic from happening.

Small Box tweaked (1 of 1)

We only use locally made Route 11 Potato Chips in all of our recipes. These small, delicate and delicious snacks are just the best. That’s all there is to it. If you haven’t tasted them, stop what you’re doing and go grab a bag.

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Please note:
All Taterdoodles served for catering are always NUT-FREE. They all have gluten and eggs, but never do they ever contain nuts! Contact us for complete ingredient statements if you’d like.