Build A Better Breakfast

New Vegan & Gluten-Free Breakfast Items

Dietary restrictions. Stressful for the guest that has them. Stressful for the planner that needs to order for them.

We’ve all seen the lonely fruit cup or the sad clamshell with the poor recipient’s name on it. If breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day, some of us are off to a woeful start.

We’ve always taken great care to provide for your guests at lunch and receptions. The next frontier: Breakfast! We’re proud to offer new Vegan and Gluten-Free casseroles and sandwiches, as well as a new dairy-free oat parfait. You’d never know that these weren’t made with all the things you need to avoid.

Whether the challenge is for one person or a group, we’ve got you covered. No matter what your needs may be, we’ll see you in the morning. Keep a light on for us. Until then…..

Overnight Oats Parfaits

Certified Gluten-Free Oats & Chia Seeds with Vegan Coconut Yogurt, Maple Syrup and Blueberry Puree topped with Granola, Coconut Flakes and Berries. Vegan & Gluten-Free

Scrambled Eggless Casseroles

· Mixed Veggie with Spinach & Sun-Dried Tomatoes with Vegan Cheddar – Vegan & Gluten-Free

· Not-Too-Spicy Vegan Chorizo with Grilled Peppers & Onions with Vegan Mozzarella– Vegan, has Gluten

Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches

Made with our soon-to-be famous Eggless Casseroles

· Mixed Veggie with Spinach & Sun-Dried Tomatoes on a Bagel – Vegan. Gluten-Free Bagel available for $1 additional.

· Not-Too-Spicy Vegan Chorizo on a Chewy Bagel – Vegan, has Gluten.