Add a Side to Your Next Mixed Grill

for just $3 per person*.

Some of our favorite things to create and serve are our Room-Temp Mixed Grills.

No Sterno. No Chafing Dish. No Sweat.

We’ve just always felt that they were missing a certain little something to make them complete. Now, you can add any cold potato or pasta side for just $3/person. Add more textures, flavors & colors, and make the meal even more filling and satisfying.

Whether its Tri-Color Orzo with your next Gorgeous Greek, Nut-Free Pesto Pasta Salad with your next American Classic or Roasted Potato Mélange with your next Santa Fe Sampler, step up to the plate and fill yourself up. Let the Sin begin. Again.

*Applies to your choice of any Cold Lunch Pasta & Potato Salads only.