Bars in the Boxes

Starting immediately, you’ll find our Taterdoodle Bars & Bites in your lunch boxes, mixed with our inevitably famous cookies. While it’s safe to say that we’re officially crazy for cookies, we’re capable of so much more. Variety is a nicety.

As with our buffet platters, you’ll get a percentage of bars and bites along with the cookies. (One bountiful bar or cookie per box.) Just like back in elementary school, feel free to trade and swap with your lunch mates to get the perfect treat for you. Each bar will have a hang tag alerting you to ingredients and allergens.

Here’s the current lineup:

  • Kadillac Krispies: Peanut Butter and Rice Treats
  • Pink Kadillacs: Strawberry & White Chocolate Rice Treats
  • Blueberry-White Chocolate Blondies
  • Mocha Brownies
  • PB&Ts: Peanut Butter and Tater Chip Nuggets with Chocolate and Coconut

We’ll happily omit the Peanut Butter treats upon request. As always, our cookie and bar selections are tree-nut free.

We’ve always been proud of our boxed sandwich, entrée salad and mixed grill packaged meals. Now, we’re excited to take this step to make the packages even more remarkable. Coming soon to a lunch box near you. Enjoy!