Introducing Taterpop!

Here’s a unique (and cutely packaged) upgrade for your next sandwich lunch or afternoon snack. Route 11 Potato Chips, meet Fresh Popcorn and Spiced Cheeses in EVO. What’s not to love? 

It’s no big secret around here that we’re big fans of Route 11. Heck, we serve almost 500 bags of the little gems a week. That’s before the 30 to 50 pounds we use for our Taterdoodle cookie treats. 

Having said all that, we know that sometimes you need a little more with your lunch than a classic bag of chips. You’ve got to taste this to believe it, and you’ll never forget your first noisy nibble. 

Cheezy Taterpop! is ideal for multi-day events where sandwiches or box lunches make sense, but you need some variety for day 2 or 3. Need to offer an afternoon snack? Meet the perfect savory pick me up.  

Whatever the occasion, whatever the need, whatever the time of day: Taterpop! Coming soon to a buffet or credenza near you.  

Want a free sample? Just ask us. We’ll gladly send one along with your next order to let you taste what all the fuss is about.